Monday, May 9, 2011

far and wide

i had a brief text conversation with a good buddy of mine the other night, one of my very favorite people. we were chatting back and forth, and he said, [the place he lives, where i used to live too] is more challenging without you. boy, oh boy, do i know that feeling.

see, when you're moderately itinerant, as i've been in my post-teenage life, you pick up friends wherever you go. college friends? they're all over the country. law-school friends? they're somewhere i'm not. everywhere i've lived, i've gained myself amazing friends. and though quite a few of them are here, quite a few more are not. and that's not even including all of you fine folks out here in blog-land, scattered far and wide across the country.

i used to have a recurring dream when i was younger. it took place at my old high school, under the giant oak trees dripping with spanish moss. we were having a barbecue, and it was a perfect reunion of all my friends from every stage of life. i used to wake up from that dream vaguely depressed, because i know it's just not possible. but what if, for just one day, i could have everyone i love in one place? maybe the beach, maybe the mountains. food, drinks, nice weather? man.

life is challenging without friends. i have a nice clutch of them around, and that helps. but sometimes, the person you want more than anyone else is thousands of miles and a time zone or two away. that sucks. but that's life in the twenty-first century, i guess. i just wish i could have a drink with my nearest and dearest more than once a year. or longer. sigh...


  1. Life IS challenging without friends...even if they are far away, holding them dear to your heart and reaching out when you can is sometimes just as good as having a chat over coffee (or wine!). As long as we appreciate our friends, that's the best feeling in return!

  2. I know exactly how you feel, since I've moved around every few years my whole life and have friends everywhere you could think of. Thank goodness for Facebook!

  3. I understand what you are saying... however, we have greater access to them today through technology than we've ever had. Soldiers in war zones are able to email their families, and even communicate through cameras today...

    Friends are a wonderful thing...


  4. I love the idea your dream has even if it's never fully possible.


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