Saturday, December 11, 2010

a grand adventure

well, this is a fun turn of events. at my exam-week midpoint, after a brutal library day yesterday, i've chosen to reward myself with a 110-mile road trip... to get hamburgers and shakes with my boyfriend. oh yes; we lead a fun life.

we used to go on crazy flights of fancy like this all the time when we were kids together. we definitely drove to florida for the hell of it a lot. one night we all ended up in gautier, mississippi in the parking lot of a jitney jungle grocery store eating snackwells devils food cookies and yelling sassy remarks at the bemused police officers watching us. but to do it at 30? oh, this is magic. one of the things i love about the man is his capacity for wide-open adventure like this. we were, and are, partners in crime, winging our way through the night together in search of a little fun, a little amusement, a deviation. it's beautiful, and all too rare. so if you'll excuse me, i've got a road trip with my man to enjoy.

forever may we rave.


  1. my brother and his friends were sitting around one friday night in college when one of them said, "What do you want to do this weekend?" they thought, and thought and thought some more. and brother said, "We could go to Graceland." and a plan was born. it didn't matter that they were in Erie, Pa., they went out, got in the car and headed south to the King's house. and were back in time for class monday morning.

    i've been having barbacue cravings lately, i may have to head down to rocky mount one day soon to take care of them. thanks for the inspiration.

  2. oh..looove when that happens.....
    once a looong time ago .. ok ok last year...we went to weeki watchee see the mermaids... im a big fan of the spontaneous road trip... xoxo

  3. I'm sure the break was much-needed and well-deserved! Wondering if you went to Steak and Shake...


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