Wednesday, December 8, 2010

home game

i am an itinerant little blogger these days. i have been for... well, really, since i got back to the area this spring. i spend a lot of time in places that aren't my home. i sleep at my dad's. i go to school. and, basically every weekend night for months now, i've carried a bag with a couple of changes of clothes and decamped to the man's house.

his place is more hospitable than mine, i'd say. two people live there; five people live in mine. he has a master suite; i share a bathroom. but i do have to admit that i sometimes miss being, well, in my bed, be it alone or accompanied. as nice as his bed is, it's just not mine. my room is great. it's dark, which means it's a little easier for this insomniac to fall asleep at night. i have about six thousand blankets at my disposal (something which the man thinks is a) superfluous and b) hilarious). it is set up in every way to be, well, perfect for me.

so imagine my surprise when i was able to sweet-talk my beloved into staying with me last night. it was a low-pressure sale, but it worked. and even though he had to leave this morning at an hour i don't even want to contemplate right now, it was so, so amazing. as much as i love waking up next to him, i love it that much more when we're wrapped up in my comforter, here in my little corner of the world. it makes me feel... like a grown-up, really. the feeling of being a guest has almost worn off when i'm with the man, but it's still not my house. i don't have to feel any other way besides comfortable here. my man, my house, my stuff.

there really is just no place like home sometimes. i'd do well to remember that.


  1. How wonderful! You are exactly right about waking up next to that special person...

    ... and also waking up in your own bed.


  2. Sounds like he's willing to trade off some. Very cool.

  3. I want to crawl back into bed after reading that. Which reminds me--I need to get my down comforter out already.

  4. Not having my own bed (and my own stuff) is what keeps me from traveling anywhere 9/10 of the time.

  5. So true. I am such a homebody. I don't mind staying with Doctor Boy, I do like his place, but there's nothing like home!

  6. Since I moved into my new place and got my dog, I've rarely spent a night with a guy that's not at my place. I like it that way, but I appreciate that the guy might not. Happy that you got a night with your man in your own bed.


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