Friday, April 23, 2010

the end is the beginning is the end

well, that's it. seven semesters. thirty-eight courses. august 2007 through today. i have completed law school. my last exam ended two hours ago. it's too soon for any real perspective, so i'll leave you all simply with what first came to mind:

dear law school,

thank you. for everything. you broke me down, you built me up again. you changed my mind, my outlook, my way of thinking. you demanded more of me than i ever could've imagined. i like to think i met the challenge head-on. but most of all, you gave me back the parts of myself i thought i'd lost forever. for that, i will be eternally grateful, whatever lies ahead.

with love and gratitude, magnolia

maybe other people are just so happy to get it over with and earn that they don't feel this way. to me, this was the most vital part of the whole process: the education. and good god, did i ever get one. we'll see what happens going forward, but i know now that i can handle whatever it happens to be.

Monday, April 19, 2010

like a laser

spring studying is just the worst. but this spring, more than any other since i graduated from high school (way longer ago than i care to contemplate), i cannot lock it down and get the tunnel vision i need to plow through. i mean, damn - the whole sorry operation is over in TEN DAYS. i'm one week from my first exam. and yet, i sit here blogging, which, while fun, is not studying. sigh. i know that this stuff matters, but it is SO FREAKING HARD to stay in the moment.

this is a theme in my life. i'm always either projecting forward or gazing back longingly. this time, it's really bad - in such a short amount of time, i get to go home. i basically live for that moment. but i have three more hurdles to clear before i can kiss this all goodbye, and i know this. so it's time to redouble my effort something fierce, and it's time to get in my head how important the next ten days are. these three exams are the keys to my escape. buckle down. one foot in front of the other. let's go get it. my way out relies on this...