Saturday, May 1, 2010

destruction [TRUE STORY]

so as i sit here today, there's a giant pile of oil threatening the state i'm about to leave. my god, it's going to be the most brutal ecological disaster we've seen in a generation, if not worse. the beaches i've spent my life on are about to get besmirched beyond recognition. the wetlands that defend this state from hurricanes are about to get wiped out for perhaps a generation. the people who run the national oceanic and atmospheric administration are SCARED. there goes tourism, fishing, the two or three things these folks have left.

i don't know how to articulate my rage. we've been irresponsible for a long time about energy. ah, the insouciance of the american public when it comes to something that's not an immediate crisis. "eh, no big deal. we've got time to figure this out. hey, check out my new yukon denali SUV - it holds thirty-seven people AND their hockey gear!" well, guess what. time's up. miners are dying. oil slicks are about to destroy a large portion of the south. WAKE. UP. sweet lord, something has to be done. and you know what, people out there in the teabagger toddler-ocracy that is the american electorate? IT'S GOING TO SUCK.

things will not be freewheeling and fun the way that the supply-siders told you it would thirty years ago. what we need to do as a country (and by god, this goes for ALL areas of policy, not just this) is to figure out a long-term plan to a) figure out what's wrong, b) prioritize the problems, and c) go about SOLVING THEM. politics is not supposed to be glib, sound-bite friendly, or entertaining. it's supposed to be hard. it's supposed to be smart. it's supposed to take time. if we don't stop electing idiots to office, and i call 'em like i see 'em, we're never gonna get there. you'll end up with stupid, short-sided laws like the arizona "stop all the brown people" rule, that don't SOLVE ANYTHING.

maybe it's me. i am an educated, thoughtful person. (only child much?) but i have one expectation: THINK. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, THINK. what's about to happen to my gulf coast is only the tip of the iceberg if we don't start thinking.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

my broken hockey heart [TRUE STORY]


i must've used all my sports magic up with the saints this year. sigh. my beloved capitals. done. just awful. we're now a laughingstock. ovechkin's just a thuggish hack, apparently, compared to angelic north-american saint sidney. this is worse than the 2004 ALCS. hell, at least the yankees GOT to the ALCS that year.

but hey, the nationals are 12-10. yay.

Monday, April 26, 2010

postcard from the edge

oh, life. you have this nasty habit of intruding on all the fun i could be having. sigh.

anyway, sorry for the radio silence. it's the tail end of my last semester in law school, and there are these annoying tests they make me take. it's like we're all still pretending that i care. cute, eh? i finished one today, but i have two more before i can officially close the book on this joint and move forward to the next adventure. and don't worry. once i come though all of this, there'll be some really fun stories to tell. be patient with me - just a few more days...