Thursday, November 4, 2010


the man was so happy last night, y'all. we crawled into bed and watched the original back to the future, as remastered for blu-ray. it's one of his all-time favorite movies, and to see him just genuinely enjoy something was nothing short of transformative for me.

i'm all the hell over the place all the time nowadays. i'm up, i'm down, i'm all around. the concept of simple happiness is one that eludes me. between stress, anguish and generally being busy, i am rarely if ever still enough to just rest and take in the moment. i've also developed this really nasty habit of flying into deep negativity at the slightest provocation. the man is always trying to encourage me to slow down, relax, stop thinking and just be for once. last night, through him, though, i was finally able to do it. i let his satisfaction, reveling in one of his favorite things, wash over me, and lo and behold, it finally hit me.

bruce springsteen sang, "i don't need that sky of blue, babe; all i know is since i found you, i'm happy." the man, i'm discovering a little more each day, is the master of this feeling. he doesn't need anything other than his confidence in how things are. he tells me i should have more faith, trust a little more, be still, believe. funny how it took curling up and watching a movie to finally have that message driven home.

i'm listening, love. i promise.


  1. LOVE your happiness. and your man, who treats you oh so well. So glad you are embracing it, not that I expect anything less :)

  2. I really love watching old movies that I used to watch all the time but haven't for a's like rediscovering an old friend, to sound completely cheesy. Anyway, it's good that you're working on relaxing and not worrying so much and living in the moment.

  3. I just commented over at "Bathwater's" about how I thought he needed to slow things down. Your man has the right idea, I think, when he asks you to slow down. Nothing can push us, or our buttons, unless we allow it to...

    Do relax... everything is going to be ok.



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