Sunday, July 18, 2010

the river

"is a dream a lie if it don't come true, or is it something worse?"

i'm winding down a fabulous weekend escaping stress by studying constitutional law and watching a bruce springsteen concert film. i have a long and complicated history with the music of bruce springsteen, and during this particular tour, they did an alternate arrangement of the river, one of my favorite songs in the entire catalogue. this line in particular has sneaked up to blindside me from time to time over the last couple of years, as i face a path littered with the shards of broken dreams and a planned future dismantled.

but when i think about it, i'm not sure it's either, really. i mean, i guess i was telling lies when i said i'd never leave, that i'd be there forever. but how was i to know that? somewhere in the tragedy, buried under the piles of regret and the things you swore would never be your reality, is the tiny silver glint of something, well, better. it's hope. it's possibility. it's rebirth. and it's the knowledge that there are just no guarantees. just do the best you can. walk forward. make amends.

you can't be responsible for another person's happiness. all you can do is tend to your own needs and be as kind as you can. it's not a lie if you dream something that can't come to pass. it's just another day.


  1. That is a fantastic song. I love Bruce Springsteen. Saw him in concert last year and he still kicks so much ass after all these years.

  2. I think your last paragraph says it all...


  3. You know, maybe it's a just burden, but I've always thought that it was unfair that the leaver gets the guilt. He gave up on forever long before I did. In fact, I only gave up on forever after I realized that I was dreaming solo. You know? Just because I'm the one who called it doesn't make me the only quitter. You too, you know?

    If we're liars, they helped to make us liars.

  4. you know, that's a really good point, and one that i hadn't really thought of up to now. thanks for that.

  5. You said volumes in your last paragraph! That's a tougher less to learn in reality than theory, though.


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