Monday, July 19, 2010


liminal. adjective. 1) pertaining to a threshold or entrance; 2) relating to a beginning or the first stage of a process.

being the chronic examiner of my past that i am, i've spent a huge amount of time thinking about the moments in my life that have tripped switches, triggered changes and started me on various paths. more often than not, these examinations have started in the midst of crises or problems, usually focused on, "my god, how did i get here?" kinds of inquiries. really fun, let me tell you.

but not this time. not even close. this time, my liminal moment is... well, intriguing. interesting. my curiosity is piqued beyond belief. such a small thing - words exchanged on a sticky summer night - but oh, so fraught with options. the best kind of options at that: the kind without expectations, rules, etc. all i need to do, all i feel compelled to do, is to ride the wave and watch this unfold.

so. many. possibilities. i can't wait to see what happens next. the threshold's crossed. what's on the other side?


  1. Sometimes, I think we have the idea... or the notion, that we are in charge of ourselves... and then about that time, something goes and happens, and we realize that where we are at any given point more than likely is the result of a crap shoot... at least that's how I'm feeling today... :o)


  2. I think it is pretty trippy to look back and think about how things would be if we had made the other choice. Sometimes I find myself wishing that I hadn't done something, and then I have to remind myself that the good things I have right now might not exist if I had taken a different path. It's just so complex, you really never know.

  3. It's really easy to get caught up playing the "what if" game; I used to be part of a rather vicious cycle.

    Now, it's great to sit back and enjoy some of the hard earned good things life has brought me.


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