Tuesday, July 20, 2010

a note from management

i love my readers. y'all are awesome. i started blogging because i like to write, but i don't have the time anymore to sit down and devote hours to hitting the keyboard and developing larger pieces. i also like the feedback i get with these exercises.

so it's with y'all in mind that i wanted to tell everyone about a change in... tone, i guess it'd be. with all the changes in my life of late, i'm finding my writing interests skewing towards territory that's decidedly more adult than it was when i started. i'm not going to become a sex blogger; there are people in this world [case in point] who do that way better than i ever could. but i am going to explore some things that are part of my new reality. just a heads-up to those of you who might be more sensitive to that sort of thing. i don't want to startle anyone.

your not-so-good girl may very well be going bad. heads up.


  1. Woot! Bring it - this old married lady needs a little spice à la single lady in the city.

  2. Ooooh I love it! Looking forward to seeing your bad girl come out. ;-)

  3. Hmmmm...perplexing. and interesting. Well played. We'll be waiting.

  4. Ooh, dirty!

    The nice thing about a blog is that it's YOUR space, and you're allowed to do anything you want with it.

    And there's pretty much nothing dirty enough to offend me, so bring it on!

  5. patience is soo not my thing...
    waiting.....stilllll waiting...
    srsly..good for you write what moves you... its your space..own it.. we'll be here...

  6. Hell.. I have to live vicariously through SOMEONE... bring it on!!!!!! :oD

    Maybe I will learn something!!!!


  7. Ooh - I like the sound of this! Can't wait to read all about it! xoxo PS Thanks for the compliment! You made me smile!


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