Thursday, January 20, 2011

big-girl job

it's time for this little blogger to get serious about getting hired after graduation. i am alternately brimming with bravado-tinged confidence and trembling with crushing insecurity, sometimes second by second, throughout this process. i've seen my resume; i look impressive as HELL on paper. i've got good grades, relevant coursework, and two solid pages of educational and professional experience. (i don't care what they say about a one-page resume; i've been in college or working since 1998, and there's just no way in hell that's all going on one sheet of paper.) i am a rock star.

but how do i go about convincing the people with the jobs that i am? once i get in front of them, it'll all be OK for sure. but it's damn difficult getting in front of them. when i was a little kid, before i went to law school and got grown, i got literally every job i had except one (which was AWFUL) through some kind of connection. someone i knew worked there, that sort of thing. but in this economy, those leads are damn hard to come by.

so out i go, into the breach. head high, resume out, smile and sell it. i know things will be okay, that i'll get something, that it'll work itself out. i have a fair amount of time to make it happen. but until i have that offer in hand, set and ready to go, it's going to be a long, terrifying winter. few things scare me more than being broke, and that fear can shut me down completely if i don't watch myself. so i'm throwing on my helmet, papering the known universe with my sexy-as-hell resume (and resisting the urge to describe it as such in professional situations), and invoking every ounce of good vibes the universe has to offer.

now, to paraphrase rex ryan, let's go get a goddamned job.


  1. Good Luck, hon! Give 'em the old Razzle Dazzle! You'll be fine.

  2. Sell it girl, sell it!! It took me a year of job hunting, resume-sharing, interviews that went nowhere to find my job now...not that my industry is remotely similar to yours, and I'm sure your resume looks amazing and you won't have any issue finding a job or it taking as long as me. Good vibes good vibes!

  3. Finding a job is never an easy or fun task. In this economy it's damn near awful. But I have a feeling with all of your street cred you'll get something fairly quickly.

  4. Go forth with head held high and exude that confidence that you have! You will do great, Grasshoppah!!!

    Quality people get jobs... even in this economy...


  5. I never understood the whole one page resume thing. I mean, are employers seriously lazy enough that they can't read a second page?

  6. I'm not here to sugarcoat. I am here to assure, though. This time will pass eventually, and you'll come out on the other side. Won't be quick or easy, most likely. It will eventually pass, though. Best of luck.


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