Wednesday, November 17, 2010

well. that happened.

so a follow-up from yesterday. not to scare anybody, but as it happens, i was due for a freak-out, and it came with a vengeance after i left y'all. i'm OK, first off. nothing life- or limb-threatening happened. but it was a long, dark night.

some things i'd like to say:
1) there is a long string of counseling appointments in my future, starting tomorrow. (i've already been to speak to the nice folks at the counseling office here at school, before you ask.)

2) i am officially off alcohol for the rest of the semester. that's something i just do NOT need. it does not help anything. and for a red-wine lover like myself, this is a big damn deal.

3) to the man, if he reads this (and i don't think he does, but it's worth saying): thank you, love. things will be under control. i will handle this.

strangely, though there's a lot of work yet to do, i feel a lot less... pent-up, i guess, after last night. the dam burst, and though it's messy and there's a lot of cleaning up that'll follow this, the pressure i was feeling, building up inside me, has eased. i may be a little more all over the place than usual, a lot less linear, but at least it's all coming out. and that's a good thing. that's a very good thing.

one step at a time. and this too shall pass. i feel it now more than ever.


  1. Yup, been there. Know exactly how it is.

  2. Venting is always good... unless there is someone special that becomes the target of said venting. I became a convenient target for my 'then' wife...

    Yes, it shall pass... all in due time...


  3. Wow. Glad you are feeling better after the night you must have had. Hang in there, we're all here for you "virtually" for support and I am glad you have the man in your life that you do. Amazing.

  4. "This, too, shall pass." Four very simple words...that come with a very heavy punch.

    Sometimes, we need the damn to break. We need to get downright filthy. Because it is in the cleaning up that we sort out what should be kept and what, really, should be washed away.

    Stay strong, my friend.

  5. You can totally do this...I'm confident of that. I think you're taking all of the right steps, and that's important.


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