Sunday, November 14, 2010


well. that happened. turns out i'm not the only person who was aggrieved in my life last night. i mean, that does stand to reason; it's no secret that i'm a challenge to love from time to time. but it seems that there was a lot i was doing that was bothering him. it's the first time in my life when i've ever been told by someone that "anything i say will make things worse, so i'm not saying anything."

whoa. that's not what i was expecting to hear at all. but talk about a wake-up call. so we had it out. i mean, i know i'm on edge. i know i've been tough to be around. but the implication that i can't be spoken to because of my potential reaction to it? oh, no. that's not going to work. so we talked it out. it was good, in its way, to argue for once. at least i was finally, after pulling it out of him, clued into the fact that he wasn't happy with me. things were resolved.

i've had better weeks than this one. i've had better months than this one, so far. but i apparently needed to be called out for the way i was acting. (so did he.) better to know than not, i suppose. facing the bad and the good is part of having an adult relationship. and i'd much rather have a real, true relationship than a shallow, fake "happy" situation. so i'll take my medicine. just as long as he takes his too, that is.


  1. I can't think of a real relationship that I've ever had that did not involve a fight from time to time. It's not fun, but it's a part of love and honesty.

  2. Poor Scott has to deal with my reactions daily...I feel awful that I react so badly sometimes to the stupidest little things. I'm really glad you talked it out. This is a big deal in a relationship. Hopefully in the future he'll be able to bring up anything he needs to talk about.

  3. A nice knock-down drag-out can be good for you. Clears the air, and gives you a nice, fresh start. Not something to go out looking for, but inevitable. In other words: Happens to the best of us. :)


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