Tuesday, August 24, 2010


as open as i am in this setting (i.e., i will write just about anything here), it may surprise some of you to hear that i can be quite prim, proper and even shy in my real life. i really am more southern than i let on, in the traditional sense. i tend to live by the axiom, "would my grandmother approve of me saying/doing this?" this governs how i dress in most situations, and it definitely governs how i act.

but sometimes, just sometimes, i let my guard down. as traditional as i can be, every so often i let go and indulge every dark instinct that streaks through my brain. and you know better than most what i can do when properly inspired. i usually traffic in innuendo, flirtation... generally skirting the issue and hoping that you get the message i'm sending. but you cracked the code, didn't you? you broke through my carefully constructed veneer of propriety and found the passion underneath. you got me to be blunt with you, and i ate it up like sugar candy. you lead, i'll follow.

i want nothing more than to give you exactly what you want. you know this, and you indulge me my strange shyness. but every so often, you goad me, you push me, and you get me to deliver the goods. i still can't get over how unbelievably satisfying your insistence can be, and how receptive you are when i open up to you and tell you specifically what's going on in my head. in your hands, i am skilled; with your enthusiastic encouragement, i can be what you want. i only hope your experience is as satisfying as mine is. you are so, so worth it.


  1. Maybe I am not fully current on your blog, and therefore don't fully understand the allusions you make in this and other posts of a similar ilk. That I still get them and kinda dig them, is to your immense credit. I rather like the way you weave optimism and melancholy into a single tapestry.

  2. thanks. that's one hell of a compliment. :)

  3. I think you are extremely intriguing and I find myself thinking about things you write about long after I shut down the computer, like a good book! You are quite the talent my friend. :)

  4. [blush] thanks. i needed to hear that today. :)

  5. And you---YOU---are so, so worth it, too. And don't forget it! :)


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