Sunday, July 11, 2010

voice of god

i am a little dedicated to sports. it goes deep with me. i've been a yankees fan my whole entire life, starting in 1981 when things were bad. i remember the lean years before derek jeter showed up. so when i read today that bob sheppard, who announced games at yankee stadium since before my dad was born, passed on, it really knocked me for a loop.

not a shock, really; to live to age 99 is an accomplishment within and of itself. but mr. sheppard passing is one more iconic piece of my childhood slipping away. it's a small thing, one that i only got to enjoy in person a few times, hearing your team's announcer speak the names of your favorite players. but tied into every joyous moment i spent in the stadium is the rolling, gorgeous voice of mr. sheppard. reggie jackson called him the voice of god. if i were a believer, i'd be inclined to agree.

time only goes one way. but losing even little pieces of the fabric of your life hurts. rest in peace, mr. sheppard.

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  1. I bleed Yankee Blue. When my grandfather came to the States, he used baseball as a way to improve his English and make friends (being German at the end of WWII wasn't exactly...popular). He knew nothing about the game and the only team he had ever heard of was the Yanks.

    That was the voice he heard in Yankee Stadium and I was able to hear it a few times as well. May he rest in peace.


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