Wednesday, July 14, 2010


my life these days, by necessity, is quite small. i study, and i take an occasional break from the crushing weight of the biggest test i'll take in my life. but every so often there are small moments of simple transcendence that sweep in and remind me that everything's going to be okay. i got one of those today.

it's been a pretty rotten day, frankly. i woke up early feeling rotten after being up late feeling stressed. i dozed, i took a phone call, then i hit the books. i ran an errand that did not end well, and then, nerves shot beyond all recognition, i set out for dinner with my stepmom. i settled down over dinner, but i was still feeling really frayed and weary.

then i took a cab home. (my stepmom didn't want me to walk from the train alone. sweet, eh?) and the cab driver and i had a fabulous, warm and hilarious conversation about life in the metro DC area. he dropped me off, and i am now ready to spend another hour or so working. nothing like a little recharge like that to get me out of my head and remind me what matters.
hey. how 'bout this - it's my 100th post. i'd like to take this time to thank y'all out there in blog-land. i've had a fabulous time getting to know my readers, discovering other people's work and generally taking advantage of this side of the internet. here's to many, many more. stick with me; it'll be fun. :)


  1. Happy 100th! I've really enjoyed your blog and look forward to the next 100 posts.

    I've seen friends and family preparing for the bar. I don't envy you. But, it will be over soon.

  2. Good job on 100 posts! I'm about to hit 200 myself.

    That's something I miss very very much about living in South Dakota-having random conversations with total strangers. Everyone there is just so friendly and polite, so it always boosts your mood. Here in Utah people are much more closed off and a LOT less friendly.

  3. Congrats on post 100! You are by far one of my favorite blogs. Here's to a couple hundred more!

  4. Happy 100 posts to you! I'm so glad we "met" and I very much enjoy hanging out over at your little slice of the internet. :)

  5. Yay for your 100th post!! And glad your day started to turn around...and check out my blog, I may have mentioned ya ;-)

  6. Congrats on the 100th post!
    Glad you had one of those nice recharge moments. Sometimes they just really make all the difference.

  7. thanks, y'all! i've been out in the world all day doing work, and this made my day. :)

  8. WooHoo on 100! Very Exciting. And I am happy to hear you got a little brake. =)


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