Thursday, July 15, 2010

torn up

whew, what a freaking dog of a day. i have been running, running, running. and in 3" heels, nonetheless. nine hours of bar review, a networking event and househunting, all on foot. i looked good doing it, if i do say so myself; i was dressed for this networking thing without time to change at all, so i had to be pulled together.

i love these shoes: green, round-toed T-strap heels. fun while still professional; just edgy enough to be interesting. but i sit here writing to you tonight in some pretty serious discomfort. i must've walked 2 miles today, and my feet are paying the price. but you know something? i looked the part. i was dressed to professionally kill and it helped my acumen in class. i was able to navigate the event alone with a smile, chatting up lawyers from the area with no real agenda other than to get noticed. i may have (if there's a just and loving deity in this world) even found myself a really ideal living situation.

and i smiled and i sold it, even though the pain was exquisite. it's a lesson, i guess - struggle, grace under fire, etc. also, maybe bring some better commuting shoes. but even though my feet are just torn up right now, my heart is surprisingly light. i lived. there's something to that.


  1. The things we do to look cute. I think there's an article on NPR's website today about the long term damage of high heels.

  2. I only own one pair of heels and they are GORGEOUS and I never wear them because they hurt and I'm clumsy enough in flats...

    Anyway, sounds like you had a super productive day, and at least you'll be super tired and sleep soundly tonight!

  3. the shoes sound fab despite a crappy day! What kind are they ;-P

  4. The sacrifices we make as women for the sake of looking good. hope you're resting your feet today.

  5. jolene: they're by mia - i can't find a pic or anything online, but there's a similar shoe on right now. i LOVE round-toed shoes.


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