Thursday, February 4, 2010

singularly productive

it's funny how being alone instantly reintroduces me to my ambition to get things done. when the ball and chain is here, i don't do chores until the messiness or lack of clean clothes reaches critical mass. tonight, on the other hand, i have been a juggernaut of important household tasks. i used to get so much done when i was a kid and lived alone. i wrote, i drew, i did all manner of things that mattered to me. when i got into this relationship, though, it became all about spending big, empty chunks of quantity time with him. ugh. so retrograde of me.

getting so much done tonight makes me that much hungrier for the time when this is my life all the time. i cannot wait. it'll be so nice to get back to the way i used to be before all of this. the balance of things will be restored at last.

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