Wednesday, April 28, 2010

my broken hockey heart [TRUE STORY]


i must've used all my sports magic up with the saints this year. sigh. my beloved capitals. done. just awful. we're now a laughingstock. ovechkin's just a thuggish hack, apparently, compared to angelic north-american saint sidney. this is worse than the 2004 ALCS. hell, at least the yankees GOT to the ALCS that year.

but hey, the nationals are 12-10. yay.


  1. Watched that game last night. I think the Caps all must have had 7 a.m. tee times today because they really didn't play like they wanted to win. Not exactly sure what the Caps are missing, but they're missing something important to playoff hockey.

    I could be sad about this, but this boy, born and bred in the Steel City, couldn't be happier that Sid, Geno and Marc now no longer have to deal with the Caps, Devils or Sabres. If I didn't believe in hockey jinxs I'd make a prediction on the Pens-Habs series. But I won't, at least not out loud.

  2. sigh. i could say something about the pens, but regular season notwithstanding, this is turning into the wizards-cavaliers "rivalry." a "rivalry" only counts if both parties are equals. people are going to think that ovie's no better than a-rod circa 2008. sigh again.

  3. At least you dont have to live here and constantly read about it

  4. true. but i read the post like normal people read their hometown papers, and i'm a devoted follower of japers' rink and on frozen blog, too. i also metaphorically manned up and listened to kornheiser and wilbon bash the caps from here to next thursday on PTI yesterday, too. ugh.

  5. As a Penguins fan, let me just say.


    That sound coming out of the nation's capital was the sound of the choking dogs we hear every year.

  6. [sigh]

    choking dogs. sounds like something pittsburgh's own radio darling mark madden would say, right before he advocated for the assassination of a sitting senator...


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