Monday, April 26, 2010

postcard from the edge

oh, life. you have this nasty habit of intruding on all the fun i could be having. sigh.

anyway, sorry for the radio silence. it's the tail end of my last semester in law school, and there are these annoying tests they make me take. it's like we're all still pretending that i care. cute, eh? i finished one today, but i have two more before i can officially close the book on this joint and move forward to the next adventure. and don't worry. once i come though all of this, there'll be some really fun stories to tell. be patient with me - just a few more days...


  1. Best of luck. The good news is when you're done, you're done...well, except for the bar...and continuing legal ed...huh, sorry 'bout that.

    Anyway, good luck on the test, knock 'em dead (but not so dead you'll face arrest).

  2. You're almost there! Must be a great feeling.


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