Monday, November 29, 2010


gaah. nablopomo failure yesterday. i think i'm going to take hannah's idea of a bye day, because i had a lot going on. i feel kinda bad that i fell short so close to the goal line. it was day 28! but hey, that's the way it goes, i guess, when you're out there living experiences in order to be able to write them. and it's been a pretty amazing weekend.

i'm dating outside my religion - by which i mean college football team - for the first time, and it did not work out well for my beloved bayou bengals. it did, however, work out well for my beloved razorbacks-supporting boyfriend. (sigh.) so a large portion of the remainder of the weekend was spent with a) me pouting, b) him gloating and c) me fulfilling a bet i just won't get into details about. suffice it to say that while betting on sports is wrong, this worked out well for both of us.

but it's all about fulfilling obligations. and i am glad to do that, not only for selfish reasons, but because i love making the man happy. his dedication to me makes me want to return the favor to him. it's absolutely perfect; i couldn't be more thrilled with the way our relationship has evolved over time. we're cut from the same cloth, and we want nothing more than the best for each other. always have, always will. my obligation to him is simple - love him as well as he loves me, no matter what. easy as pie.


  1. That sounds perfect: being totally in sync, "cut from the same cloth", as you say.

    I think that might be a better way to settle bets with Scott...

  2. Hooray for you! It's great to be comfortable with (and loved by) another.

  3. I think playful banter about whose team wins the big game is great... as you stated, afterall, you both won... ;o)

    Hmmm... now about that bet... hahahaha ;o)


  4. Ugh... I failed NaBloPoMo. I took like five bye days by the end. Sighhh... Ah well. I tried. Yes, I did try.

  5. It is the best feeling when it comes so easily! :)


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