Tuesday, October 5, 2010

go get it

it's october already. holy hell. i have an exam in 11 days. (gaaaaah.) there's much to do in the next few weeks, and not all of it is academic. i mean, there will come a day when this professional student gig comes to an end and i begin to justify the mortgage i've taken out on my brain. so today i polished up the ol' resume, wrote some cover letters, jumped through some hoops and started applying to jobs.

i don't know if y'all are followers of current events, but you may have noticed we're in a teeny bit of an economic tailspin of totally biblical proportions. i have managed to time my graduation from all three of my post-high-school degree programs to coincide with just awful financial conditions. hell, i graduated from undergrad as part of the first post-9/11 class. 2010 was the year the legal industry as we knew it imploded, and while things seem more stable now, they've stabilized at a pretty bad level. used to be, and not that long ago at that, a law degree was a sure-bet ticket to a stable and comfortable life. there are too many of us out there with JDs now, and there are way, way too few jobs. it's pretty scary, especially when i think about the debt i've taken on to get my education.

damn it all, i went to law school because i like studying law. i liked being a summer law clerk, too. i like what i've observed of the practice. i truly believe in the goodness lawyers can do in this culture. (not a fan of lawyer jokes - just putting that out there.) i'm just getting a little nervous that the combination of a bad economy and a glut of people chasing paychecks will keep me from doing what i always wanted to do.

so here i go into the breach. i'm papering the universe with my resume: government gigs, judicial clerkships, etc., etc., etc. in 15 days, i'll know whether i passed the virginia bar exam. (unless someone calls the office to ask about results. sigh.) what i want is simple: i want my LL.M. i want to practice law. i want to earn a good living doing good work. and i will do EVERYTHING in my power to get it. i say this a lot, but i am on the verge of having every part of my life lined up and going well. it's time to go to work to make sure that stays true.

let's go get it.


  1. All my fingers are crossed for you, lady!! I have no doubt you will land a job in no time.

  2. You can totally do this. I have the utmost faith in you.

    And you're right, there are way too many JDs out there...but you stand above them. Remember that.

  3. Yeah, all these JDs out there suck. Now, us JD/MBAs, whoa ho ho, look out . . .

  4. Yeah, I don't really like Lawyer jokes, either. It just seems mean to stereotype an entire group of people because of the behavior of only a fraction of that group.

    I really hope you find something. Job hunting sucks. Trust me, I know!

  5. First of all, it's taken me a long time to get here (your blog) and for that I'm sorry! Not enough hours in the day.

    Second, you go girl! With that attitude I have no doubt you'll find a job, and the more resumes you send out the more chance someone will call back, right? I'm sure you'll land something great.

  6. I also chose to do good with my law degree, rather than go for the money. It's tougher in a bad economy, but you don't seem like a person who cares about going against the grain ;).


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