Tuesday, July 27, 2010


oh boy. not much to say tonight; my hand hurts from writing. it went OK. i rocked a couple of questions, muddled my way through others. i didn't walk away feeling like i wanted to die, but i didn't feel like a million bucks, either. so tomorrow is the last day. the multistate bar examination. 200 multiple-choice questions. what multiple choice has to do with being a lawyer is beyond me, but whatever. it is what it is. so back to the books for a quick read-through one last time, making sure i can remember the tricks and keep my focus. i can do this. i will do this.
and now, a little self-congratulation. for those who haven't seen this, i have written my very first guest post as a blogger. i'm kinda proud. check it out for yourself at secret society of list addicts. i'm even capitalized for once. :)


  1. Try making a pretty pattern on your answer sheet. You know, A-B-A-C-A-D-B-A-B-C-B-D...or something like that. Or you could just answer C to everything and set a speed record for finishing the multi-state section of the bar exam.

    Good luck (again).

  2. Excellent job!!! and awesome guest post - if you ever want to write for mine...I'm all ears :)

  3. YOU CAN DO IT!!!! Good luck with the last day tomorrow. You're almost there!

    And walking away not feeling like you're going to die is definitely a good thing.

  4. Hey, saw your post at SSLA. Nice! Saw the DC pic and was like "hooray Kramerbooks!" I love living here as well. City living rox.

  5. You will do this! I am so excited for you!!


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