Monday, July 26, 2010

game face

"this is it. don't get scared now." - macaulay culkin as kevin mcallister, home alone

we're now less than 12 hours from the bar exam. one more brief refresher read-through, then it's to bed with this little girl. of course, i had to have chosen the hotel full of not just harley riders, but high-school cheerleaders. it's a touch noisy. but i mean, would i really have slept the sleep of the just in any hotel? this is serious nerves time.

or is it? to be honest, i am not that freaked. oh, don't get me wrong; i am nervous. but it's mostly about tactics, gamesmanship, etc. i know i know this stuff. i went through three years of law school. i also went through two months of concentrated preparation. seriously, when i wasn't in someone else's bed, i was at the kitchen table, poring over essays and outlines. it's been a very binary summer in that regard. the knowledge is in my head. it's just a manner of getting it to flow from my brain, through my pen and into those blue books. (no, i'm not typing the exam; though i might look like a prolific typist, i am slow and inaccurate. it's longhand all the way.)

so it's time to get psyched. head down, eyes up. like knights of old, let's fight to hold the glory of the purple and gold. let's carry through. let's die or do. to win the game for dear old... well, for me. for my future. for everything i've always wanted. this is the last test, the final boss. time to slay the dragon...


  1. 1. You're going to win. You'll kick this test's ass.
    2. Eat something filling and protein-y for breakfast. It supposedly helps you concentrate.
    3. I'll be cheering you on...silently...from many miles away.
    4. Post as soon as you're done and let us all know how it went!

  2. Best of luck! Knock em' dead..or it. Yeah, the test, not the proctors. Knocking the proctors dead might be frowned upon and it's not like you could claim "but I didn't know it was illegal!" (foot stamp).

    You go!

  3. By the time you read this Tuesday will be over and you'll already have spent the day kicking ass and taking names.

  4. You are going to do phenomenal! Best wishes being sent your way. ;-)

  5. You are going to do GREAT!!! I would be worried if there weren't some butterflies!!!

    You WILL do IT!!!!


  6. Lock it up and get 'er done!! you got this, I know it! Go you!!! :) <--how's that for a pep talk?


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