Wednesday, March 31, 2010


i spend a lot of time on this blog fussing, whining, sorting out drama and picking my life apart. but today is just not that kind of day. there's far too much to be happy about today: two classes cancelled/excused; several hours of (gasp!) down time; a trip out of town to look forward to; and tons upon tons of glorious, amazing spring sunshine.

i have what i personally describe as reverse seasonal affective disorder. i don't get super-bummed in the winter, although i am a little draggy. what happens to me is that when it starts getting warm and sunny, i get a big jolt of endorphins the second the sun hits my skin. it is INSTANTANEOUS. i walked outside today to throw something in the dumpster, for god's sake, and i was struck with the urge to run around in the grass like a five-year-old kid. it is so nice.

so i sit here with my window open, smelling the spring-scented air, staring at the green trees and soaking in every single drop of beautiful weather that i can get to. i have no complaints today. the only thing i could want more than what i have right now is for this afternoon to last a few hours longer than it will...


  1. I have the regular kind of SAD, which sucks, and sucks extra today because it was dark and snowy. Nature sucks! But it's awesome that you had a good day and some sunshine.

  2. ew - snow on the last day of march? jeez, that's harsh. there are distinct benefits to living in the buckle of the bible belt (a few, anyway)...

  3. Isn't it fabulous? I love Spring. Everyone's in such a great mood!

  4. I think, I hope, winter's back is finally broken up here. It was cold and crappy from last weekend through the start of this week, but yesterday the sky was so blue it made my teeth hurt. Today? Today the sun is out and shining thorugh the winter grime on my office window beckoning me to join it outside. Alas, have to work. But today is the kind of day I like to refer to as a "class-skippin' day." The kind of day that's just too damn beautiful to spend indoors. Too bad I don't have classes anymore.

  5. yeah, this is always the time of year i loved best when i lived in DC. tax season was ending, the sun was shining, the cherry blossoms were out... just the best. sigh. a month and a half left until i can come back!


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