Monday, March 15, 2010


the weight of my life is heavy. i have many demands on my time and my sanity. much of this is self-inflicted: the academic life i've chosen comes with a lot of responsibility, and my personal life is certainly not something that was forced on me. but even though i do all of this of my own volition, the stress still builds until it's next to impossible to take.

that's why the warm early-spring sunshine that spread throughout the southeast friday afternoon made up my mind for me. yes, it was a beach-going weekend. so, with the ball and chain in tow, i got a weekend in my homeland to recharge, regroup and reconnect with a few people i care about. and man, was it amazing. forty-eight hours of cocktails, sunshine and socializing. it was exactly what i needed. yeah, i'm still enervated about a number of things, and yeah, my emotional health could be better. but there is almost nothing in my life that can't be cured by a day in the sun, drinking rum drinks and listening to the waves hit the shore. my decolletage is now an interesting shade of reddish-pink, my laundry is unfolded and my schoolwork is largely undone, but my soul is basically at ease for now. i'm now ready to face the world again.

i needed that.


  1. Or, as Brother James Buffett said:

    It's time to see the world
    It's time to kiss a girl
    It's time to cross the wild meridian

    Grab your bag and take a chance
    Time to learn a cajun dance
    Kid your gonna see the mornin' sun
    On the Pascagoula run

    Friday night at the Stateline Bar
    Where the waterfront people dwell
    Better watch my step if the floor caves in
    I'll go right straight to hell
    -Pascagoula Run

    Oh, and it rained here all weekend. A cold, nasty rain. I'm thinking about hating you right now.

  2. haha - as i told another friend who was stuck in all that nastiness up there, weather is one of maybe 3 things this state has over DC. i get to move back home in nine weeks; i have to cling to the positive whenever possible. :)


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