Wednesday, March 10, 2010

[blush] [TRUE STORY]

well, how 'bout this; i got myself a blogging award!

thanks to 'bama on the brain for thinking of me. she really came through for me tonight; i needed a little validation. the rules of this award are simple - i have to tell you all a few things about me, then i pay it forward. done and done. in the spirit of the award, my caveat is suspended; the four things below are all 100% true, no fictional spin.

1. i feel it is every woman's duty to be at least somewhat technologically self-sufficient. it's 2010, and knowing how to run your wireless network is this generation's version of being a girl who knows a little about cars.

2. i need to feel necessary in order to be happy. i am in my element when people come to me for answers.

3. i love living in louisiana more than i let on.

4. my celebrity crushes: anthony bourdain, henry rollins, keith olbermann. opinionated men all.

now, for the pay-it-forward part. here are just a few of the blogs i think deserve some recognition:

are you there youth? it's me, nikki. hilarious perspective on the classic young-adult fiction of our generation. a must-read.

not that kind of girl. a fun, gutsy experiment: breaking out of patterns and doing things that defy your usual attitudes. how can you go wrong?

hannah, just breathe... trenchant analysis of life, all framed around a yoga practice. she always gives me something to think about.

hope y'all get a kick out of this award the same way i did!

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