Thursday, April 21, 2011

opposites attract

i am serious. i mean, i have a silly streak a mile wide. this isn't a deeply-guarded secret, especially to those who know me in the flesh. but i am, fundamentally, a rather serious person. i hear this a lot from certain people in my life, one in particular. you're very serious. you are a serious woman. you take things very seriously. ad infinitum, ad astram, forever and ever amen. he, on the other hand, is a comic of the highest caliber, able to take anything and craft a joke around it. if you ever need the perfect quote for a given situation, provided you don't mind the source being late-1980s through late-1990s popular culture, he's your man.

i plan. i keep a calendar in digital form and one in analog form. i like to know what's going to happen in the future, especially now that the future is all sparkly and full of promise, butterflies and cotton candy. i don't really do surprises, at least not on a grand scale. i was once given a surprise party, and while i could - and did - appreciate the sentiment, my first thought was, i'd have dressed better if i knew you were all going to be here. i like preparation, being ready for anything. you think i'm high-strung and neurotic, i say to him. not neurotic. just a little straitlaced. he continued, you think i'm cavalier to the point of being ridiculous. you're not ridiculous, love. but he is cavalier. he likes spur of the moment things. he gets a wild hair to go do something, just for the hell of it. there's a thrill in that, to be sure; i just can't do it every day.

for two people who should ostensibly know each other inside and out, we come up with these diametric oppositions sometimes. part of it is the fact that i have changed DRAMATICALLY over the past few years. i've gone from the nutty baby sister role to the calm, serious lawyer in the family dynamic that is my circle. and it's not like we're that different. we're liberals. we're atheists. we're SEC and saints fans. we have the same weird, twisted senses of humor, and we both get annoyed with the same dumb things. (and that's just the pack of similarities i can discuss in public; propriety, and the desire not to give you all sugar overload with the sweet stuff, limit the rest to my private mind.)

but i see threads in his tapestry that would never be a part of mine. he loves the fact that i'm willing to be the life of the party. i love the fact that he never, ever lets things get too far under his skin. he loves how i'm ready to handle any situation that comes along. i love how he can always help me see things through the right lens, and that it might not be that bad after all. so maybe it's not an opposition. maybe it's a complement to each other. apart, we're both pretty interesting people. together? we are unstoppable. the strengths in him balance the weaknesses in me, and vice versa.

now if i could just get him to commit to a vacation this summer... :)


  1. I love how well you two jive! It seems no matter how different you are, you really are very similar in that you just JIVE. And that's the most important. I hope you get a vaca together this summer!

  2. I keep several calendars, too. I tried to go completely digital with my iPhone and Things and I still ended up with scraps of paper in my purse, with scribbled notes and times I couldn't make out.

    Opposites definitely attract. You need your space and stuff that's just YOURS.

  3. I NEED THINGS PLANNED TOO! I mean it. Seriously. It drives me nuts to not have everything set up and ready to go, every detail possible. I have a hard time dealing with Mim sometimes because she is CONSTANTLY late, changing plans, etc. It literally gives me panic attacks sometimes!

    But I, too, am glad you and The Man fit together so well. I know having differences with your partner is spicy and interesting, but I find that the things Scott and I have in common are always more important. And comforting.

  4. The Man on vacation? Hmmm...I'm seeing you frolicing on the beach, while he sits under a ton of sunscreen and plays on his iPad. Under an umbrella. Fully clothed. Including shoes. And having a fabulous time. :)

  5. I love this! And yes, isn't it amazing to see how opposites can compliment each other....when it doesn't drive us absolutely mad!
    I'm sorry I've been a bad reader. Thank you for being my opposite!


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