Tuesday, April 5, 2011

list of demands

as the song says, i've got a list of demands, written on the palm of my hands. well, written on the face of my blog. but still, it stands. here ya go:

1) i want someone else to write my seminar paper for this semester. oh, i'll give total credit; i don't steal other people's work. i'll cop 100% to the fact that someone else wrote it. but i do NOT want to write a 25-page paper this month. i also want someone else to write my other paper that's due in 13 days. this one is just toddler-level temper-fit petulance, because it's a 10-page maximum. i can do that in three hours, and will most likely knock that out tonight. it's a topic i know inside and out, and can probably conjure up an A-level work in no time. but i. don't. wanna.

2) speaking of tonight, when it gets to be mealtime, i want someone to bring me baked ziti, with extra mozzarella, a nice salad and some good, crusty bread. also, some tiramisu. hmm. not seeing this happening, though. it's looking like indian food from trader joe's for dinner.

3) i want the drive and determination to get into that freaking gym and bust tail. bathing suit season is coming down the pike, and i need some toning and shaping. (hmm. the song that inspires this list is kind of a run-through-a-brick-wall song. maybe that'll help.)

4) i want to meet butler blue II. i don't care if they got destroyed last night; this dog is the cutest freaking thing ever. the man has spent hours finding videos and pictures to show me, largely because he thinks it's the height of amusing to see, and i'm quoting, my bad-ass, tough girl reduced to a pile of mush, "oh, my god, how cuuuuute!" whatever. i own my mushiness. and if you don't think that picture is the cutest thing you've ever seen... well, i don't know what to tell you.

5) i want it to be tomorrow night. the man and i have hockey tickets. i love hockey; he thinks it's stupid. my daddy was once this way, too. then i took him to watch the caps beat the hell out of the st. louis blues one christmas, and it was all over. now daddy watches don cherry on the regular and can often be found yelling "hit somebody!" i foresee something similar happening with the man. well, maybe not. but it's still going to be fun. let's go caps!

6) i want to go on vacation with the man, somewhere warm and beachy. i want there to be a convertible involved, as well as a fun dive bar. i want to indulge in all my favorite vices - eating, drinking, swimming, sunning and, well, the man - for a few days, basically on demand. sound good? i think so. just help me remember my sunscreen.

so that's my list of demands on this freezing cold and rainy day. anyone else in the mood to be petulant and demanding? i hope it's not just me...


  1. 1. I love writing papers. I would be happy to write your paper! Unfortunately, I would have to make a lot of shit up, because I did not go to law school. But if you're willing to risk it, ask away!
    2. Tiramisu. Mmmmm.
    3. I'm wasting my gym membership lately. My excuse is that I have this wicked bad sinus thing going on and it's making me not want to be awake, let alone get any exercise.
    4. ?
    5. I love hockey. It's the only sport I love.
    6. I would love to go on a vacation, but with either Kwiddens, Mim, or an old friend. Unfortunately, there are no prospects.

    Additionally: I want a frakking milkshake.

  2. I know the greatest beach vacation spot in the world, and it's cheap and easy and not very well known. If you really decide to go on a beach vacation, I will tell you all about it. ALL about it.

  3. Great list...and I concur with the yummy baked ziti! OMG that sounds delish right now. As for the gym, I know you can do it...put on some good tunes and you got it! (randomly thought of "brick house" reading that bullet - good workout song right?!)

  4. The Man wouldn't last a day in Detroit if he thinks hockey is stupid. It's like a religion up here. (An expensive religion.)


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