Monday, April 11, 2011

dodged bullet

[in which i get a little bit PSA-ish. you can mentally tack on the "the more you know" thing on the end of today's post.]

i alluded to the spectacular drunk-fest that was my friday night. i don't care that i'm almost 30 years old; i like to throw down from time to time. in the words of the man, i'm not the type of person who's gonna have a beer every night, but once in awhile, i just want to get totally hammered. nothing wrong with that, i think. so we do just that from time to time. by the time i hit the cab after the party, it was abundantly clear that the little backstop moment i have was blatantly and fully ignored. i was... yeah.

so i went upstairs, got undressed and laid down in bed with the man. that's about the last thing i remember until i woke up saturday morning praying for death. i knew going into the party how friday night was going to end. (we're all adults here. i don't have to say it.) but when i was recovered enough on saturday evening, we were talking about the show that i had become. so imagine my surprise when he said to me, yeah, there was a point last night when i wondered, "is this still okay?" but then you answered me, and i decided it was. but still, i worried. you WERE okay with that, right?

something about that struck me. it struck me two ways. first, i have an incredibly respectful and conscientious boyfriend, since even after all this time, he still considered my wishes and needs in the face of previous conversations in which he's been granted blanket consent. but second, and way more important, i realized precisely how dangerous it can be to be a party girl. my history is that of a serial monogamist. i was never a hook-up kind of person; all through undergrad, i went home drunk with the same boy. not only that, the boy in question was a staunch defender of my honor. once that relationship became a marriage, obviously that deleted certain concerns.

but when i became unmarried again, i never had that period of sowing wild oats that many of us have in our twenties. i started down that road, but it was a cursory effort at best. i didn't want to date around; i wanted to date the man. so i was never going home with someone unfamiliar to me, someone new. the man taking me to bed knows me, respects me, cares about me. there will not be a situation where things go dark. but last night in particular jangled my nerves as to how fortunate, in a backwards sort of way, my relationship history has made me. i have never, in my entire sexual life, been in danger of date rape. that's a remarkable thing to say as a woman in 2011. and having been that drunk the other night, and in the hands of a man in a sexual situation, without a single negative repercussion even in the realm of possibility? good lord, i am lucky.

so for those of you out there who operate outside the bonds of monogamy, please, please promise me you'll be careful in your dealings. and i'd once again like to say to the universe: thank you for delivering the man to me, and for making him so safe, so generous of spirit, and so thoughtful of my safety. talk about dodging the bullet...


  1. i live next to a club...oh the number of girls i've tucked into cabs..::Sigh:: soo dangerous...and i wont even go into the story of the friend of a friend that the club owner BEGGED me to come get {i did} girls...please dont over do it..and dont just leave your {dwunk} girlfriends in clubs!!! ok im done ranting!

  2. Give that man a hug for me, and tell him thank you. I'm just so glad you were with him and not someone else who might not have been so caring. I'm also glad you had a complete and utter blast. I'm pretty darn sure you wouldn't have let yourself get so hammered if you'd been with anyone other than the man, anyway. Loves!

  3. I'll never forget some of the conversations I overheard in the high school football locker room. They've seared into my brain how low people can be - even outwardly good people. The way I see people treat each other at clubs and bars often disgusts me.

    This is why I generally stay sober when I go out with friend. The more people, the less likely I am to drink much. I don't want to have to think about what could happen to friend.

    If I really want to drink, I walk to my neighborhood bar and plop down.

  4. good PSA, and a worthwhile reminder to those that are in the single heyday, to be careful. I enjoyed my dating for the most part, before meeting M, but now, well, I love all that we are, so wouldn't trade it for the world. And hangovers? Suck. Even when the night before was worth it ;)

  5. i am weird but this made me tear up a little.


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