Wednesday, February 2, 2011

je ne regrette rien

i've made a lot of decisions in the last year, and it's safe to say that i've blown up my life and rebuilt it, basically in front of the watchful eyes of the internet. but the last piece of the biggest decision came through today: my name change. i went from magnolia [married name] to magnolia [birth name]. for the first time since 2002, i don't have his last name anymore.

along with the huge administrative headache, there's a strange cocktail of emotion swirling around this one. this is it - it is OVER. once and for all, the break is complete. no retreat, no regrets, it is all said and done. i'm relieved, anguished, thrilled, angry, pleased and disappointed, all at once. the whole thing is shot through with exhaustion. the last year has been a heavy burden. even though i know it's not warranted, the guilt and anger my ex has thrown at me has been hard to handle. it's been rough on the man, too, having to deal with me like this. and now that it's over... well. i don't even know where to begin.

but i am certain of one thing. i am 100% on the right path. this is the life i chose, it's the life i want. the transition hurt like hell, twisted me into shapes unimaginable and made me ache with sorrow and rage more times than i care to consider. but i regret NOTHING. i got everything i wanted. i am free. and now, with the coda written, the symphony is over. time to start a new magnum opus.

and non, je ne regrette rien.


  1. The things of which you speak are just short-term bumps in the road. All in all, I wish I was at the point you are when I was your age... ;o)

    You are doing great...


  2. That's a great song for this point in your life. I can just hear it blaring in the background.

  3. Welcome back, Miss Magnolia [birth name]. Loves!

  4. Congratulations. You are going to own the hell out of your new (old) name. I just know it. :)

  5. no regrets...
    is a great place to be on life.. :-)

  6. Yeah!!! Woohoo! It was such a freeing experience for me to change my name, more than I thought (and I had the name only 2 yrs)...and I liked that I could no longer make a certain joke about said last name any longer (email me for the joke, don't wanna allude to it here!) and could be ME again. You are in a great place right now! I love it.

  7. I'm really happy you get to take one more step toward having everything right where you want it.


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