Tuesday, January 25, 2011

ooh. stylish.

well, how 'bout that - one of my favorite reads out there, the venerable siouxsie at siouxsie law, has passed on a stylish blogger award to me! thanks! i am honored. so in keeping with the rules, here are seven random facts about me.

1) if it were possible, and they still sold them, i would live in my old black suede airwalks from high school. GOD, i miss those shoes.

2) i'm sure i lived just fine before my iphone. i just can't do it anymore.

3) as much as i love humanity in the general sense, i get more misanthropic as it relates to people i run into in a given day every single year.

4) i hate powerpoint with a passion unparalleled.

5) really, i prefer a man with traditionally southern mannerisms.

6) i CANNOT be in a room when a TV is on and someone's watching video on a computer. the competing sounds are too much for me to take.

7) as much as i bitch when other people do it, and lord knows i do, i suck at picking a restaurant.

and now, i've been asked to share the love with 15 of my favorite bloggers. here we go:

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  1. Woot! I am iPhone-less as of now...will probably be getting the Verizon version this summer. I fear the mind suck, but apparently not enough to not go forward with the purchase.

  2. I have a BlackBerry right now... am thinking about one of the new Samsung S models... I just like the clicky qwerty key board... I think I would struggle with the screen key board.


  3. Ahh number 6 is one of my biggest annoyances, and my boyfriend does it constantly! Thanks for passing the award on to me <3

  4. I DO live in my Airwalks. They're black with a bit of hot pink.

  5. Awesome task!

    I also suck at picking a restaurant unless I'm having an intense craving for something.

  6. Powerpoint is like a modern day device of torture. You would be shocked and dismayed at how many people try to design entire print projects using only powerpoint. And then they would send the files to me so that I could help them with them. *shakes fist*

  7. Your answers are fantastic! I'll get right on this!

  8. Oooh, thanks! I love these things.

    I find that I'm on the verge of losing my mind at work if I don't have my iPhone. At home or otherwise? Don't even keep it near me.

    As to PowerPoints? THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE!

  9. Congrats! ;) I hate Powerpoint too...but I think I hate Excel even more. like, abhor it.


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