Thursday, January 6, 2011

in which i am angry

boy, it must be real easy for y'all, eh, new house majority?

i mean, hell. for your very first act to be to come in and try to get rid of healthcare reform. nice to know there are no other problems in this world. but really, what more should i have expected? see, these folks come from a magical fairyland where it's perpetually 1950 and life is june cleaver waiting for ward to come home from the office. nothing is ever challenging or broken, and if you're struggling, well, then, you'd better just work harder, because it's clearly your fault.

screw y'all. seriously. last night, i made a conscious decision to not seek emergency treatment for weird symptoms i was having because i cannot afford the outrageous $100 co-pay for my student insurance. oh yeah - and that was the co-pay for the hospital RUN BY THE UNIVERSITY I ATTEND. so screw y'all. screw everyone who thinks you're proportionally entitled to healthcare based on your net worth. i have a damn broken tooth that i can't get fixed because i can't afford $3,000 for a root canal (which is based on the cost of one in 2004 when this happened to me last). screw everyone who thinks healthcare is something that should be bought and sold. this isn't dry-cleaning. it's people's goddamned well-being. we're americans. we're supposed to have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, if the tea-baggers are to be believed. well, the right to life is meaningless if you die of a curable disease because you can't afford to treat yourself.

i'm low on words and high on venom. so i'll just say this: we are rotten in our core as a nation if we let this sorry form of reform get repealed by venal, mean-spirited skinflints who'd rather have the 100 richest americans avoid paying their fair share of taxes than see every american be able to afford the goddamn hospital when it's needed.

screw it. i'm going to bed.


  1. Agreed 5000%! I had to change insurance because mine went up once because I turned 30, and once because they just felt like it. No one informed me of either change until the bill for the premium came, and they wanted double the usual amount. They actually told me to change insurance. Now, I have to wait through the probational period (a year) before some of my benefits even kick in--and it's the same company! Oh, and my grandfather just found out that his insurance paid out $4000 in benefits last year alone, so don't tell me the doctors don't have a little something-something going on! Please, for the love of God, can we have a little reform?!! End of rant. Thank you.

  2. I like how they allow people who were too busy to bother being sworn in vote and speak on the floor...

    And how they feel free to edit the Constitution:

    And how they managed to even screw that up:

  3. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!! Last month, an acquaintance of a friend died from pneumonia because he couldn't afford to go to the doctor or the hospital. And he was really young. Then I heard a story on NPR today about how Arizona is cutting Medicaid funding for organ transplants and people are dying...literally dying...because of the expenses of it.

    Money should not equal health. Nor should the lack of money equal death.

  4. and ill just shout AMEN from the choir back here
    and we call ourselves "civilized"

  5. Exactly why I and my husband contemplate on a regular basis of moving to another country! Hell Cuba is looking like a viable option right about now!!

  6. It's heartbreaking. I totally agree with you. I was wary of Obama's plans at first, but I'm impressed with what he's working toward and I am actually glad to admit I was wrong.

    God, this needs fixing.


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