Sunday, December 19, 2010

delightfully tacky, yet unrefined

dateline: tangipahoa parish, louisiana

oh, my lord, have i missed my friends. we spent last night and into this morning traversing the wilds of this parish, catching up on adventures old and new. we finished our evening in a "nite club" (no, really - that's what the sign said), indulging in vices of various stripes and enjoying a little well-earned release.

i love nights like that one - laughing all night, sending drunken (yet immaculately spelled) emails to people who aren't here, and remembering that i'm free. yeah, that's right; free. if i want to dance to "stand up and get crunk" in a tacky bar all night long, drink in hand, politely fending off the advances of the 18-year-old boy at the end of the bar (18! aagh!), i can. and i will.

this is what vacation is all about. great start to a recharge, eh?


  1. Sounds deliriously awesome!! So glad you are having such a great time!

  2. That does sound like a lot of fun. Was the 18 year old at least cute? Ha.

  3. Perfection! I miss these moments from time to time. :)

    And what the hell was an 18 year old doing in a "nite club"? UGH! I am so a mom!

  4. Hahahaha...

    I hope you had a BLAST!!!



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