Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the shadow knows...

ha. haha. hahahaha...

someone out there in internet-land thinks they know better than i do what's going on in my life. that's freaking hilarious.

i refer you all, once again, to the CAVEAT EMPTOR in the sidebar.

and for those of you who think you're "sorry to be the bearer of bad news but this has gone on too long and it's not right or fair for her to do this to you":

gossip is funny. but you crossed the line. BIG TIME. i may not ever find out who you are, but i pity you. couldn't even do it under your real name, either.

i know some of you think that life is just this big soap opera. here's a lesson: it's not. adults sometimes write fiction. other adults know about this. children can't separate fantasy from reality. adults can. why don't those out there who can't either grow up and trust people to handle their business, or if you can't, go elsewhere for internet entertainment?

and for those of you who can separate fantasy from reality, stay tuned. we're gonna have some fun. :)


  1. Oh, I'm already having fun :) Also, I thought it was fairly obvious that part of what you write is fiction...actually you'd have to be clueless not to notice!

  2. thanks, y'all - yay for my normal readers! :)

  3. Oh noooo she didn't!!

    Don't let 'em get you down, Mags!

  4. Don't tell me, someone decided to "clue in" the b&c?!! Hahahaha... I have NO CLUE what is *really* going on, but can deduce that this blog would not be difficult to discover without someone having to anonymously clue him in.

    PS, I'm over the moon excited that you chose Option 1. I was seriously going to have a conniption is you didn't chase your dream. You're going to rock it's socks off.

  5. anon - yup, pretty much. hahaha, eh?

  6. I am totally lost, but then again, that is nothing new

  7. DG - it's law-school drama, apparently. some people in my real life can't discern fantasy from reality and tried to stir up some trouble. cute, eh?


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