Friday, January 29, 2010

greetings, internet travellers

hello. glad you stopped by. i am magnolia. not the handle my lovin' parents gave me, naturally; they had more respect for me than that, thank the gods. a boss i had once christened me "magnolia" because he'd never met a southern girl before.

i've said a little bit about myself in the intro box in the corner. let me expound a little further. i mean, if we're going to spend a little time together (and i hope we are), it's only fair that you know what you're getting yourself into.

1) i have a bit of a scattershot personality. you'll notice a few themes in particular coming up from time to time, but i'm kind of all over the place. this will most likely entertain you.

2) i'm a law student. more to the point, i am nearly finished with law school at a solid state school in the southeast. after this, i am going for an advanced law degree, apparently because i am a glutton for punishment. because i am legally educated, i tend to be excessively analytical. this is a good thing and a bad thing, depending on the subject matter.

3) i'm in a dying relationship. i'm also in an illicit relationship. these two facts will inform everything you read here. just about everything i write about will tie back in some way to either the guy i'm stuck with or the guy i'm running around with. judge if you will. i don't care. i judge myself about all of this. you'll see.

4) i'm not 100% serious all the time. part of being all over the place means that i will be incredibly silly for absolutely no reason sometimes. i hope you like it.

that's about all for the intros. we'll get to the good stuff soon.

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